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MECAMIDI's turnkey  solutions are specifically designed and optimized according to the characteristics of each site.

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Thanks to it's worldwide presence and recognized knowledge, MECAMIDI ensures maintenance in over 50 countries.

For over 50 years, MECAMIDI has been involved in the hydropower industry business. The group designs and manufactures small and medium-size hydropower plants up to 50 MW.

The Group is present in over 50 countries with more than 2000 references worldwide. MECAMIDI also provides financial solutions to its clients with partnerships and positioning the group not only as a technical but also as a financial partner.
Key Figures   Project Study

20% sales growth per year


10 subsidiaries

6 manufacturing factories

2 000 references

50 countries

4 000 Mw capacity installed

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    photo ancienne mecamidiThe company MECANIQUE DU MIDI was created in 1860 and engaged in general engineering.
    Renamed in 1918, Mecamidi became a specialist in the manufacturing of hydroelectric turbines in the early 60's.

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    Strategic Partnership
    MECAMIDI and AIIM invest $500 million (US) by 2020.
    Press release - September 2015

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