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To maximize the return on investment of its customers and partners, MECAMIDI is regularly consulted to bring its knowledge in terms of study.

Our offices, internal and external, are composed of experts in the various fields necessary for a proper technical and economical dimensioning of the power plants: hydrology, geology, topology, civil engineering, thanks to its recognized knowledge of equipment manufacturer, so as its financial and legal teams.

Often solicited during the design, MECAMIDI offers customers the possibility to realize partially or completely the preliminary studies taking in account not only the equipments design but also the civil engineering, from the water intake to the restitution channel.

The MECAMIDI implementation across all continents gave a culture and a know-how which allows to adapt the technical choices to the economic conditions of the concerned country. We do not build the same way if the price per kW sold is high or low.

Multidisciplinary teams allow optimization of the various technical and economical solutions including the costs of civil engineering, electromechanical part, gates and valves, control command, SCADA and low and medium voltage equipment.

The project schedule is realistic. All this safety and credibility make easy the project financing for the customer.

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reference mecamidi restituzioneWith 50 years experience in the hydroelectricity industry, MECAMIDI group has completed over 2000 power plants in the world.

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