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MECAMIDI has been investing for many years in Research & Development, working closely with prestigious universities in Grenoble, Lausanne and Toulouse. Since 2014, the R&D department has doctor and technical and mechanical engineers.

The research and development of MECAMIDI in predictive turbine modeling by CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) has been crucial to offer our clients a performance security equivalent to the one provided by the models run into a laboratory.

The main R&D works in MECAMIDI:


  • Conducting experimental tests on Francis, Kaplan and Pelton turbines
  • Francis’s Test bed / partnership CREMHyG, INPG
  • Exploration hill efficiency
  • Study torch phenomena and cavitation



  • Rigorous validation of hydraulic profiles, for MECAMIDI’s Francis Kaplan Pelton standard.
  • Support project’s studies for given power, adaptation of standard ranges according to specifications of our customers.
  • Hydraulic modeling for maintenance and / or rehabilitation.
  • Mechanical Computation; static and dynamic, frequency response, modal analysis.
  • Computation of rotor dynamics, torsional and flectional analysis.



  • Optimization of CFD studies using Ansys-CFD, OpenFoam ...
  • Optimization of Pelton Turbine Parameters: Bucket Dimensions, Distributor Design.
  • Optimization of hydraulic profiles in terms of efficiency and cavitation.
  • Hydrodynamic Screw
  • National Research Projects (OSEO) and European Projects (ENERSTOCK, Horizon2020).
  • Workshop, training and internship.



MECAMIDI expertise acquired during the last 50 years is an undeniable asset in the development of technical solutions at the forefront of innovation, from the definition of mechanical parts, assembly until their integration in the civil engineering through the definition of the auxiliaries operation principles (hydraulic, cooling, filtration, etc.). Technicians and engineering engineers well know how to provide adequate responses to the projects for which they are responsible.




To develop and maintain close links in the Toulouse research network close to our industry, MECAMIDI will lead next 3rd April 2014 a meeting with the Institute of Fluid Mechanics of Toulouse, to associate on the same time, some research aspects (IMFT) and training (Department of Mechanics of Paul Sabatier University Toulouse III and the Department of Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics ENSEEIHT / INP).


Strategic Partnership
MECAMIDI and AIIM invest $500 million (US) by 2020.
Press release - September 2015

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